US Highway 82 in Rural Glynn County, GA. The road starts at the Junction with IH95 at exit 29. This road also carries the names South Georgia Parkway, Corridor Z and GA520.

This is where I believe the eastern terminus of US82 is. This is at the junction of US17/82 and IH95 in Brunswick, GA. When you exit IH95 Southbound at Exit 29, you will see references to both US82 East and US82 West, inaddition to US17 and GA520. However, if you exit IH95 Northbound at Exit 29, you will only see reference to US82 West with the references to US17 and GA520, leading me to the conclusion that US82's Eastern end is here. The intersection that the lights govern are for the IH95 Northbound ramps.

This is the turn for IH95 Southbound. US82 and US17 are multiplexed for about 1/2 mile. This area features several truckstops and travel plazas.

Just past the junction with IH95. This intersection is Dungeness Bl which leads to several truckstops and truck service centers.

Approaching a crossroads. Here, US17 and GA25 turn left and continue South to Camden County. Turning Right will put you onto GA303 Northbound to Brunswick. Continuing straight is US82 and GA520.

An upclose view of the afore mentioned intersection.

A brief look at GA303 Northbound.

Clear of the intersection with US17/GA303 and headed West. Several new businesses and a shopping center are springing up here. The speed limit here is 45MPH.

A guide sign showing mileage to various towns. For the record, I was headed to Waycross, eventhough I only photographed US82 in Glynn County.

US82, Glynn County, GA

US82, Glynn County, GA

US 82, Glynn County, GA. The speed limit is now 55MPH.

US82, Glynn County, GA. There is another overhead reassurance sign and a meat market to the right.

US82, Glynn County, GA

Hitting a curve on US82.

On a straightaway and about to pass a LLB.

US82, Glynn County, GA

Approaching a flatbed tractor trailer. Seems like a rather expensive way to transport two 55-gallon drums.

The truck decided to speed up.

Another mileage sign. Just outside Waynesville (9 miles ahead) is where I stopped photographing.

On a straightaway, the speed limit is now 65MPH.

An intersection with an unknown street.

US82, Glynn County, GA

US82, Glynn County, GA

The junction with the Southern terminus of GA99. GA99 will head north and meet with US17 in Northern Glynn County. From there, it will be unsigned with US17 to Darien, GA in McIntosh County where GA99 will seperate from US17 and form a loop from Darien to Eulonia, GA.

US82, Glynn County, GA

US82, Glynn County, GA

US82, Glynn County, GA

Approaching the Golden Isles Speedway which can be seen to the right on the Glynn/Brantley County line.

Again. Up ahead is the flatbed tractor trailer referenced earlier.

US82, Glynn/Brantley County line.

The county line straight ahead at the intersection with Post Road.

Welcome to Brantley County, GA. The speed limit is now 55MPH.